Zeen-Zar charitable foundation trust:


In December, 2003 Zeen-Zar Charitable foundation trust was established by the FOUNDER CHAIRMAN LORD NOON, MBE Kt., with the main objective to provide medical aid to ailing humanities at subsidized rate. In view of the TRUST OBJECTIVE, under the able leadership and guidance of philanthropist LORD NOON Kt, MBE the ‘Son of Soil’ of Rajasthan, NOON hospital was established in the Month of April,2008. Since than NOON HOSPITAL is providing services at subsidized rates and free of cost to poor and needy.

After the sad demise of LORD NOON on October 27,2016. Zeen-Zar Charitable foundation trust is now under the able leadership of his eldest daughter Zeenat Noon Harnal.Under her leadership the Hospital is now empanelled under Bhamasa Health Scheme of Rajasthan Government. The hospital has also build up a new four bedded pediatric intensive care unit and has strengthened the neonatal intensive care unit. The Hospital is now ready to take a new leap. The trust is now planning to construct the new fourth wing at Noon Hospital and set up new services and facilities, with the same view of providing best of care to the ailing humanity.In this regard in collaboration with Apex Kidney Care, Mumbai, a state of the art 8 bedded dialysis centre is coming up at Noon Hospital.

Zeen-Zar Charitable trust is a registered charitable trust and follow the law governed by the Indian charity commission.

Charitable work till date

Total Number of Lives Touched who are below poverty line category and lower income group category, Who Got Treatment, Free of Cost or at Discounted Rate Is Twenty eight thousand four hundred and sixty six (28,466) in Number. TOTAL CHARITY DIRECTLY given to these patients IN INDIAN RUPEES is Rs. 21,907,036 (Rs 2.2 Cr).

 The hospital from the day of its inception to September 30,2009 had run the OUT PATEINT DEPARTMENT FREE OF COST. 39,409 patients were given out patient consultation absolute free of cost. The value of charity for doing this is around Rs 19.7 lakhs (considering Rs 50 as OPD consultation). From October, 2009 till December, 2012 the hospital was charging only Rs 10 for out patient consultation. Around 49,418 patients were given out patient consultation at the above charges. At today’s date the value of charity would be around Rs 19.8 Lakhs (considering Rs 50 as OPD consultation).From January, 2013 to till date the hospital was charging only Rs 50 for out patient consultation. Around 255,894 patients were given out patient consultation at the above charge. Rs 50/= for specialist consultation is considered to be very nominal with reference to health care context of India. The value for such charity approximately should be around Rs127 Lakhs. (Considering Rs 100 as OPD consultation).
Indirectly the hospital has done a charity of Rs 166.5 lakhs / 1.6crore.

INDIRECTLY THE HOSPITAL HAS DONE A CHARITY OF Rs 166.5 Lakhs / 1.6Crore Indian National Rupees.

Other than that the hospital has conducted more than 80 Free medical camps of different nature.


Jan 2016 the hospital got empanelled with state government, to treat below poverty line patient free of cost under BHAMASHAH scheme. NOON Hospital till date have treated 560 patient in the above mentioned scheme free of cost. The package cost of the above scheme is approximately thirty eight lakhs of Indian National Rupees, and which is increasing daily. This scheme has benefited the needy in getting quality treatment free of cost. The above packages are 20% lesser than the actual hospital charges which are also at nominal rate. The estimated discount is around ten lakhs of Indian National Rupees (Rs. 10,00,000/=) …..figure as on Feb 18,2017
Other than that the hospital has conducted more than 80 free medical camps of different nature from its inception. click here for details

The Ophthalmic department at NOON Hospital and Research Centre is accredited by state government through District Blindness Control Society (DBS) and provide absolute free cataract surgeries to the patient who needs its most. Under this the hospital has conducted nearly 500 free cataract surgeries. Further, the hospital has also started a program, in which ten really needy people are selected and operated absolutely free of cost. Till date the hospital has conducted nearly sixty four of such surgeries.
The cost of doing the above eye surgeries free of cost was approximately 30 Lakh of Indian National rupees.

A FREE LAPAROSCOPIC SURGICAL CAMP was held at NOON Hospital on March 25 AND 26 March 2016.World renowned consultant surgeon, DR MUFFAZAL LAKDAWALA and his team of doctors conducted the camp along with SALMAN KHAN’s BEING HUMAN foundation, Around thirty two poor and needy patients were operated completely free. This was one of its kind of a camp for the entire district of JHALAWAR. Direct expenses for conducting the camp was Rs 600,000 Indian national rupees Following surgeries were conducted absolutely free of cost.

  • Appendicectomy -1
  • Gall bladder removal-5
  • Cyst removal-2
  • Hernia-3
  • Hysterectomy 21

Other than the above scheme the hospital itself have its own scheme running for the below poverty line and low income group patients. FOR OPD Patients: 75 % discount on Consultation Fees, In house Laboratory & Diagnostics Charges. FOR IPD Patients: Three general ward beds are absolutely free of cost.BPL patients admitted in ICU is given 75 % discount on Bed Charges, In house Laboratory & Diagnostics Charges – 50 % discount on OT charges. On the discretion of the management and treating doctor, poor and needy patients who do not have BPL cards are also given treatment at free of cost and or discounted rates.

The Hospital is also empanelled under ‘Janani Suraksha Yojana’ and ‘Laadli Laxmi Yojana’ of the government. The government pays Rs 1400/= for baby boy (rural) and Rs 50000/= for baby girl (rural) born in our hospital. The baby girl is paid Rs 50,000/ Indian National Rupees in installments till the age of 18 years.

Voluntary participation of Dr Megha Gupta; Gynecologist (MBBS, DGO) in “Pradhamantri Surakshit Matrityo Diwas”, 9th of every month, in Bhawani Mandi Community health centre between 10am to 2 pm. It is one of its kind scheme by the Central Government for the better health and safe delivery of the Pregnant woman and the baby in the womb. She has already started giving her services from the month of February,2017

Dr Megha Gupta; Gynecologist (MBBS, DGO), will be giving her consultation at a clinic in Pirawa , fifty kilometer from Bhawani Mandi on alternate Saturdays from the month of March 2016. This is an initiative of Noon Hospital in concern with the Health and safe delivery of the Pregnant Woman in Rural India. At Pirawa there are no Gynecologists. This activity will help 50 villages in the vicinity by providing the availability of Gynecological services. She will start giving her services from the month of March,2017