• Ambedkar Hall Sunel

    In the memory of his late father Mr Kadarbhai Ebrahmji Mithaiwala a community hall was donated to the Harijan (Janitor) community of Sunel on December 18, 1997. The Hall helps the harijan community (backward class) to conduct several of their rituals for which they did not have any place.

    Ambedkar Hall Sunel
    Ambedkar Hall Sunel 2
  • Cottage Ward Sunel

    Cottage Ward Sunel
  • Girls Sr Secondary Sunel

    Two class rooms were built and donated for the Girls Senior Secondary School.

    Girls Sr Secondary Sunel 2
  • Govt Aurvedic Hospital

    The Building for the Ayurvedic Hospital was donated by Lord Noon.

    Govt Aurvedic Hospital
  • Govt Ibrahim Community Hospital

    What Lord Noon Father started (Mr Kadarbhai Ebrahmji Mithaiwala) by donating a entire hospital at Sunel and dedicated to his father Mr. Ebraihimji in the year 1925. The legacy continued when Lord Noon donated Rs 400,000/= (four lakh in Indian National Rupees) in the year 2002. With the help of that money two cottage wards were developed. Complete renovation of the hospital was done along with boundary wall.

    The legacy further continued when Ms Zeenat Noon Harnal donated the same hospital with four patient beds, one water cooler for cold drinking water and a labor table for safe delivery in December 2015.

    Govt Ibrahim Community Hospital 2
    Govt Ibrahim Community Hospital 3
    Govt Ibrahim Community Hospital 4
    Govt Ibrahim Community Hospital 6
    Govt Ibrahim Community Hospital 7
  • Library in Sunel

    In the year 1996 the Library at the Panchayat of Sunel was donated by Lord Noon.

    Library in Sunel
    Library in Sunel 2
    Library in Sunel 3
  • Police Ladies Barrack Sunel

    Lord Noon’s keen interest for the safety and security for the people of his district had made him to visit the police department time and again. In December 2002 he donated Barracks for both the lady police officer and gentleman police officers so that they can stay safely and can actively dispose their duties.

  • Police Station Sunel

    Police Station Sunel 2
    Police Station Sunel 4
  • Water Anicut

    On 29 December, 2003 in the village Sewli Bakhta,Pirawa, district Jhalawar a water Anicut ( a method of water harvesting) was build. This has helped the people of this village in agriculture.

    Water Anicut
    Water Anicut 2
    Water Anicut 3
    Water Anicut 4